Top 7 desserts for Holi Season  

Indian festivals are the epitome of joy and light. There is fun in the air, people spend time with their close ones, and indulge in delicious sweets to spread their love. With Holi knocking at our doors, it is that time of the year when diet takes a backseat and everyone wants to enjoy good desserts.

If you are wondering which desserts to prepare on this festive day, cakenest have just the solution for you. Here are seven heavenly and mouth-watering desserts that you can easily make.


Best 7 desserts for the Holi festival by Cakenest:

1.   Carrot cake:

With the slight nip still present in the air, carrot cake is the best dessert. It is healthy, delicious, and melts right into your mouth. Along with carrots, you can add all kinds of nuts like walnuts, raisins, and pecans to make the cake more nutritious. Top it with cream cheese frosting, and your ultra-moist and creamy carrot cake is ready.


2.   Chocolate truffles:

This festive season ditch the desi ghee ladoos and offer some delicious chocolate truffles for your clients. You can make truffles with two basic ingredients – cream and chocolate. Make small truffle balls, and you can decorate them as you like, be it sprinkles, real flowers, or melted white chocolate.


3.   Choc Chip cookies:

If there is one dessert that no one can resist, it is chocolate chip cookies. Keeping the festivals in mind, you can go for eggless chocolate chip cookies this time. Another benefit of cookies is that you can easily store them and deliver them packed in cute jars.  


4.   Oreo cheesecake cups:

A thin crust of crushed oreo biscuits, a creamy filling of cheesecake, and a frosting of fresh cream; sounds like a heavenly treat, right? If you are looking for tiny, bite-sized desserts, this is the ideal one for you. You can customize the cups with mini oreos, candies, and whipped cream.


5.   Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache:

When it comes to desserts, vanilla is quintessential. Everyone loves vanilla, no matter the form. If you want to make a vanilla dessert, you can go for these easy cupcakes paired with caramel or chocolate ganache, or maybe both. The sweetness of caramel and chocolate can add to the heavenly flavor of vanilla, and make this dessert a sure-shot hit with your customers!


6.   Snicker brownies:

Snickers have become a favorite among people of all ages. It is not just the health quotient but the taste that makes it a popular snack. You can add it to your favorite brownies and make a new dessert. People won’t be able to stop after a slice of the gooey snicker brownies that melts right in the mouth.


7.   Red velvet cake:

A celebration isn’t complete until you add a cake to the mix. Fret not, for you can make a quick and decadent red velvet cake this Holi. It is easy to bake, requires only a few ingredients, and will be loved by all. Add a cream cheese frosting and toppings to make your red velvet cake a little festive.


Final thoughts

Be it for gifting or relishing at home, desserts are the definition of festivals. On this Holi, offer your customers the most unique and heavenly desserts to make this time extra sweet for them and their close ones. Cakenest wishes you all a safe and happy Holi!



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