So it all started back in college days when on a friends birthday I decided to take up the onus of baking a cake all by myself in a microwave for my buddy. It was more of a challenge with flipping pages of the ‘How to bake a Cake’ book than fun but surprisingly the final product, after much of a hassle, was a delicious cake that everyone loved and cherished. I realised my interest in baking at that point of time. Then as time passed and I moved to Delhi, I decided to polish my baking skills and interest by buying an oven for myself. I took up baking as a hobby, as a thing I would do only to enjoy the entire process of seeing the dough fluff up into a bakery product, by sitting in front of the oven. I started doing some variations. Being a person who always gave importance to healthy eating and living, I started using natural ingredients, organic products and completely destroyed the myth that sweetness comes only through Sugar. I tried using Ragi in place of maida and brown sugar/ jaggery & honey to replace sugar. I kept on making variations on my intuition and kept trying new varieties of baked dishes until a while ago when I decided to take up Baking as a full time hobby. I wouldn’t consider it as a profession but I would rather give my time to nurturing my hobby and pass on the sweetness that I have learned in my own way.
Baking is not about just the ingredients, it’s about the quality of ingredients and in the right quantity that makes the real difference. I heartily abide by my inclination towards using only organic products and good quality ingredients to bake items out of my oven. Also, to ensure that the homely touch is significant in my products; I bake items as per orders and in small quantities. This ensures quality and with no room for any shortcuts of mass production.

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