8 Ways To Decorate Cakes

Gone are the times of boring cakes, when only cream and sprinkles were part of the decorations. With changing times, the idea of decorating cakes has also evolved. You can find unique and creative cakes available today, adorned with everything fondant to chocolate.

Given the popularity of customized and decorated cakes, it is becoming increasingly essential for home bakers to master this art. If you want to learn easy and creative ways to decorate your cakes, then read on and find out the best ways.


8 amazing ways of decorating cakes:

When it comes to decorating cakes, the options are endless. You can make your dream cakes with just a few ingredients. Here are eight easy methods to you create delicious yet stunning cake:

1.       Fondant:

A list of cake decorations can never be complete without the mention of fondant. You can make your own fondant or even get ready to roll fondant from the nearest supermarket. Be it color or shapes; you can let your creativity run wild and make the most exquisite cake designs. You can also make designer and customized cakes, depending upon what your client demands.


2.       Marshmallow:

The soft and sweet marshmallows can be the ideal way to turn your cake into a masterpiece. You can pile them directly on top of your cake or even melt them lightly in a pan and then pour it over the cake. If you are making cakes, especially for kids, marshmallows can be your go-to choice.


3.       Candies:

Cakes and candies are two things everyone loves, and when you can create something delicious when you put them together. Get your hands on the best candies, chocolates and sweets and adorn your cake with them. You can use candies to create a design or write the name, or maybe just cover the entire top.  


4.       Fruits:

If you want to create a light and refreshing cake, you can use fresh fruits for it. Strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, or even mango, you can use any seasonal fruits to decorate your cake.

Pro tip: Make sure the fruits are dry and put them at the last minute, as they can make the buttercream melt or move slightly.


5.       Real flowers:

While you can always create flowers with fondant, it is nowhere near as fun as using real flowers. Find edible flowers like rose petals, sprigs of lavender and use them to make your cake look pretty. It will also help make your masterpiece smell delicious.


6.       Chocolate drips:

If you are trying to get experimental and give a makeover to plain vanilla cake, you can take melted chocolate and create a dripping design. Drop some chocolate on the edge of the cake top and let it slowly move down and cover the side of the cake. You can use different colors to revamp a boring cake and make it look stunning.


7.       Nuts:

For a good old-fashioned cake, nuts can come handy. You can mix some nuts, chop them and then spread on top of the cake. Make sure you match the flavor of the cake with the nuts that you pick for a great combination!


8.       Photos:

A new trend in the cake world is imprinting pictures on top of your cake. If you have a printer and edible ink, you can create magic with printing pictures of your customer on their cakes. It will make their day truly memorable.


Final Thoughts:

Cakes are the star of every party or celebration. If you want to revamp boring cakes, you can follow these easy ideas and give them a new and elegant look. How do you decorate your cakes? Share the pictures of your stunning cakes in the comments.


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