7 Tips Every Cake Photographer Must Know About

The secret behind every drool-worthy cake picture is the hard work of both the baker and the photographer. While you might think one is easier than the other, you are mistaken. In reality, taking an impeccable picture of a delicious cake is as much an art as is baking it. Are you a baker who is trying a hand at cake photography? Wondering how you can ace this talent as well? Fret not, for we have a few tips that can up your photography game.

Here are a few tips that every cake photographer swears by:

If you are planning to make cakes your muse, follow these easy tips for gorgeous pictures:

1. Pick the right background:

Whether you are clicking a closeup picture or not, the background plays a significant role. There are plenty of backgrounds or backdrops that you can invest in, but you can make affordable options yourself. Use a plain coloured wall, wrapping paper, presentation board, scrapbook paper, foam paper, and even wood boards.   

2.  Go for natural lighting:

Although a majority of food photographers tend to work with artificial light, that is one thing you must refrain from. Using artificial light can be difficult as well as expensive. Here, natural lighting will be your best ally. You can pick a location near a window or door from when you can direct natural light. Using a diffuser or curtain can help you to soften the harsh sunlight.

3.  Choose the right angle:

A right angle is the one that brings out the qualities of your cake. You must keep the best feature of the cake that you want the picture to highlight and then choose an angle. An overhead shot might be suitable if you’re going to focus on the toppings you have used. But, if you have frosted cake with layers, a straight-on shot will be the best.  

4.  Use focus:

Most cake photographers use the auto-focus feature to capture the bakery marvels. While it a good idea, you must remember it is not full-proof. Since the entire frame of cake is dominated by one tone, it gets difficult to focus. Use the manual setting to get precisely focused shots of the cake.

5.  Add fun with props:

No one likes to see a boring picture. You can add a few props to make the images stand out. Pick a well-thought prop that compliments your cake and the setting. While knife and scissors are cliched props, you can experiment with ornate trays or plates, or display the ingredients.  

6.  Minimalism is the key:

The key to a good cake picture is minimalism. Your cake is the ultimate star, and it must also look like it. Use only a few props, utensils, and colours, so that the majority of attention lies on the cake.

7.  Think outside the box:

Avoid clicking picture of a cake when its inside the box. Put it on display, where the entire cake is visible and then click a picture.

Final Thoughts

Taking the perfect shot of your cake is the best way to appreciate it. Follow the easy tips mentioned above to become a pro at cake photography. Share your cake pictures in the comments and let us know if they helped you out. 


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    June 29, 2021 at 6:41 pm

    Very useful tips ? thank you ?

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